Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I read a post this morning where someone was responding to another person and what they said about a certain sin. The response was very well organized and used Biblical verses to point out the fact that in the New Testament, there are many sins that call for stoning and execution. It made the Bible seem very old fashioned and criticized the person that made the comment in the first place for being so narrow minded.

So I began thinking.

There are certain things in the New Testament that I have done (tattoos, etc.) that would have had serious punishments back then...what made me different from those that did other sins in the New Testament?

Then I remembered, it's not about sin.

It's about keeping our eyes on Jesus. When we turn our focus on Him, He transforms us. It's a heart issue really. I guess I just really understood this morning that people try to make this a religion and forget the relationship behind it all.

*Matthew 7:1-6*

To me, this passage sums it up really well. Why focus on the speck when you have a plank? No need to get into arguments over what is a sin and what isn't and what the punishment should be.

We all deserve death, but were save through Christ Jesus.


  1. so is this to say that it is okay to just do whatever you want because Jesus already paid for it? i think that is a slap in the face to saying, hi God, I know your Son had to die because of all of my sins but i think since he already paid the price for them i should just be able to keep doing them. don't you think?

  2. I don't mean to suggest that at all and I'm sorry if it came across that way. I simply meant that instead of focusing on defining sin and blaming others, I think we should focus on the positive truth which is - Jesus came to be that ultimate sacrifice and forgive us of all our sin so we can have eternal life. I definitely think its ok to accept the mercy that He's given us with that though, right?

  3. sorry it took me so long to come back here and read your response. i think what Christ did for us should never be made less than what it is amazing. The grace and mercy that God showed to us. I see Him as a loving father that in all honesty loves his children more than you will ever see a earthly father love his children. his was the ultimate way of showing that even if we hate Him, refuse to love Him, hate all the things He has tried to teach us in order to give us wisdom and life...He still loves us. But in saying that, I believe His actions in sending His SOn Jesus Christ in the flesh to die for our sins...He also shows something horrible sin actually is. the wages of sin is death, right? what's worse is sin is contrary to God...always...which means that while you are in sin you are never in relationship to God. the two God's Spirit and sin (including corrupt flesh) do not mesh (at all). if God is saving us because of our faith in Jesus Christ it is indeed His work that saves us not ours...but He will save us from the bondage to sin. He will literally refine us with fire and burn away our impurities. A father can love his son and daughter all he wants but he can't be in a right relationship with a son or daughter that hates him...nor does God have a right relationship with His sons and daughters that hate Him. a father can love his sons and daughters enough to die for them...and they could jump in front of them and let the car hit them instead but if that son or daughter despises what the father did for them and keeps on jumping in front of cars after the father has already made the ultimate sacrifice and died...who is goingto get hit when the car comes this time? i don't believe hell is a place designed for us because God is mean or hates us...i believe hell is a place designed for angels (aka demons)and people that hate God. if you hate Him you don't want to be in His presence...if you hate Him you don't want to be with Him forever. God does not like to see the wicked perish...He wants them to turn away from their wickedness. Since Jesus is life...since God is Spirit...Since He is above what we can comprehend...we must realize that it is a little different then just physically removing yourself from God...when you turn from God you are turning away from everything that is God or tied to God...such as love,light,truth, life, kindness, sincerity, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, mercy, grace...etc. without God...there is only darkness, hatred, filthiness and everything else that is contrary to God. it is much more important then we can comprehend for us to turn to God and let Him refine us and purify us by the washing of His word. i pray all of us that believe in Him will be refined. God bless you.