Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I read a post this morning where someone was responding to another person and what they said about a certain sin. The response was very well organized and used Biblical verses to point out the fact that in the New Testament, there are many sins that call for stoning and execution. It made the Bible seem very old fashioned and criticized the person that made the comment in the first place for being so narrow minded.

So I began thinking.

There are certain things in the New Testament that I have done (tattoos, etc.) that would have had serious punishments back then...what made me different from those that did other sins in the New Testament?

Then I remembered, it's not about sin.

It's about keeping our eyes on Jesus. When we turn our focus on Him, He transforms us. It's a heart issue really. I guess I just really understood this morning that people try to make this a religion and forget the relationship behind it all.

*Matthew 7:1-6*

To me, this passage sums it up really well. Why focus on the speck when you have a plank? No need to get into arguments over what is a sin and what isn't and what the punishment should be.

We all deserve death, but were save through Christ Jesus.