Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is the start of October and the start of something new. Everyday for the month of October I want to post something on my blog, particularly what God is teaching me. I know it's not always gonna be clear, but at least whatever I feel God's speaking to me :).
These past few days have been quite difficult for me. God is revealing a lot of things about myself, and they're not all pretty :p. I have ignored some things God has said to me and it has repercussions that I'm seeing now. I haven't been bold in the past and I'm paying for it now. God is speaking to me so clearly about it and I'm finally listening. It sounds like the simplest answer but if I could share something with you today then I would say this - just listen.

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  1. Keep listening to God! Be glad that He caught your attention when He did.