Friday, October 8, 2010


I got some rest last night and thank God for that because I have been so exhausted. Before I went to bed I had peace and that's what really did it. I just feel God holding back so many negative things that I could be dealing with. I feel like He's sped up this grieving process and that He's just really defending me from negative thoughts and emotions. That's not to say that I haven't felt horrible these past few days, but I just think about how some people deal with this for weeks or months and in a matter of a few days I'm already feeling ok and at least somewhat peaceful. I don't think that this will be the end of my sadness or that I won't have difficulty in my future because of this but I just really feel God holding me with this one. I was able to have tea with a good friend last night and she really clarified some things for me. I want God's best for me in every situation.


  1. hey meg....I feel terible I didn't know before and wasn't there for you... I wish I were very rich so I could fly to san diego right now....I'm tinking of someting good to say to you but I don't really know....I want you to know that eventhoug I'm very far way I would do anything to you right now, I really mean this...if you want, I can call you and we can talk about something...I wish I was is a sentence that I really like:
    "Eventough nobody can go back in time and make I new begging, anyone can start over and make a new end."
    I love you very much
    PS: pleeeeeeease let me nkow if you need ANYTHING!!

  2. Meg...god has a wonderful plan in your life! i know you make think he doesn't at times trust me i been there. but keep your head!! miss you tons!! and love you like a sister well you are my sister!!! love you..