Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I HATE the devil. Like - you don't even know.
I have had so many moments today where I was like - really? this is happening? right NOW?
You know the moments when you're cruising along and things are fine and something happens and your stomach turns to mush.
Well, I hope you have never experienced them.
Because they suck.
More than a lot of things.
The weird thing is, I had some really great moments today.
I was really encouraged and everything and then the stupid devil.
I'm just trying to remember why I was encouraged earlier and cling to that.
I have so many great people in my life though that encourage me...everyday if I need it.
Recently, it's been every day.
People that are willing to listen to me and hold me and lift me up.
and rub my leg when something else happens while I'm talking to the person.
It was seriously that cruel irony.
Something happened while I was explaining something else that happened.
Praise God.
Praise God that He won't give me more than I can handle.
More than I can handle with His help.
I'm so worn out though.
Feeling tired.
Thank God for putting people in my life to lift me up when I'm tired.


  1. Tired is when it's the hardest to keep on. Don't stop fighting, Megs! Love you.