Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Monday 6/21/2010

Yesterday was an awesome day. I woke up really early (like 2:45) because I thought I was gonna be sick (okay, not so awesome part) but after having my maja come and check on me and then going back to sleep, I woke up and realized I didn't have anything to do :). For once, I really appreciated that. My mom even left on the to-do board "feel better" and that was it! So I prepared myself a breakfast (soy latte and banana nut muffin), went outside and began enjoying what would be a long and fun-filled day. After eating, I studied, read and wrote for a bit...a couple of hours actually...and eventually cleaned the back yard up a bit. I also prepared some chicken for my parents dinner. Eventually, I packed up the necessary things for s'mores and headed to Chula Vista where I met Matthew and we drove out to East Lake together to visit Zach, Michelle and Faith. We had a barbecue in the back yard and a bonfire for the s'mores and it was incredibly fun. What a way to spend the first official day of summer :). We watched Madagascar and various bits of other movies and I eventually came home...rather late actually. It sooo feels like summer now and I am stoked to have it off and be available to hang out with friends and family. Here's a pic of the lovely couple to be....

Now, even though these pictures were taken about a month apart, can you believe that Beckham is only 9 days older than Faith?? He is so much bigger, it's insane! I guess that's just how God works :), they're both unbelievably adorable though.

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