Monday, April 26, 2010


Sunday was a day of spontaneity. Word of the day. Mom came into my room at noon and was like, "let's rent a hotel room for just us girls tonight and hang out!" AND WE DID! Lol. Yeah, mom wins the cool award for the week.

Rocio was surprised too XD

p.s. - special shout out to my awesome father for allowing us girls to do this. He truly is THE BEST. woo hoo for awesome parents!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Saturday was a lot of fun :). First of all, I woke up to baby Beckham descending on me in bed...does it get much better than that?? YES. It does! We all hung out for a bit, then my parents went to my brother's football game and I started getting ready for Matt and Janet's wedding. At 2ish I got to the place for the wedding and hung out with Lauren, Carissa, Danielle and Mr. and Mrs. Jones. It was so nice to be able to hang out with them all for a bit while Matthew was in the wedding party. After the wedding we all danced the night away at the reception. It was awesome!


Friday was Matthew and my 6 month anniversary :) We went out to breakfast in the morning, then walked around Lake Murray and then unfortunately I had to work for a bit. After work though Matthew came over and we played dominoes until the wee hours of the morning :p. I love him and that we can enjoy our time together simply playing dominoes. <3


Worked for a majority of the day on Thursday but Bailey was waiting for me when I got home, so that was awesome :) I may or may not be (but most likely will be) a cat lady...whateves :)


Wow, day 100 already? Insane....
Anyway, these are my parents sporting the beanies I made for them :).


Tuesday! I felt like being creative....and that began it all :). I decided I would try to make beanies because I love them and it ended up actually working! I made one for my mom and one for my dad :). This is step one though, I didn't actually finish them until Wednesday so I will post those pictures there. If you need a beanie, let me know!


Mondayyyy I had school which wasn't too bad and then Olivia came over (and Rocio too) and we went to soccer together :). These are the ladies before we left:

Monday, April 19, 2010


Sunday! Soooooo I may or may not be (but most likely am...) addicted to 10 Things I Hate About You the TV Series...

love hulu.

just sayin'.


Saturday! Went to Mrs. Silva's 50th birthday party and hung out with their family and friends. Twas pretty fun :) I was exhausted when I got home lol.


Friday! I can't really remember Friday too well. I worked and stuff and thennnn umm movie night with Matthew I think? lol sorry. I'm gonna try to get better at updating every day -_-.


Thursday! Aww Bailey luffs Rocio <3


Wednesday! Soccer with Olivine :)


Tuesday! Represent -


Monday! Day to myself. Lots of thinking.


Sunday! Went to church w/ Matthew, then to breakfast, then went to Olivias and she came over to spend the night. Woo hoo!
I got up for one second and look who took my place....

Sunday, April 11, 2010


So this is mainly gonna be a blog blog and not a picture blog today because there are a few things I've realized just recently. About 5 minutes ago XD. Ready? I've put too many expectations in people and things. I used to have a favorite saying "no expectations, no disappointment." I was wrong. It should be "Expectation in man, disappointment in man. Expectation in Christ, fulfillment in Christ." I have put too much responsibility in the people in my life to fulfill my needs that only God can truly fulfill. I've made the mistake in the past and I've been hurt in the past - you think I'd learn huh? :p Anyway, I'm really making a commitment this time to redirect my expectations because there is only One that will ever satisfy me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Friday! Work/RockChurch/Sammy'sWoodfiredPizza/Home/Dinner with the Birks!!!!! gah I love seeing old family friends :)


Thursday! Was quite alright. I baked all day at work, then had lunch with the Kittles on shelter island. Afterward, I went home and cleaned and slept. Then Matthew and I went to dinner at the McPherson house which was awesome. We also got frozen yogurt and watched Get Smart :). It was a fun day now that I think about much fun in fact that I had to take a last minute picture right before I went to bed XD sorry! Anyway these are flowers I got from Matthew on Easter...aren't they perfect?


Wednesday! Again I had school but it went by quickly. After school, Matthew picked me up (which I admit was pretty awesome in his car :)) and we went and got Mexican food and went to the beach. After a couple of hours, the Kittles met us there and then we all headed home around 5pm. After we got home, Matthew and I hung out with the Kittle boys while Bob, Marie and my mom and dad went out to dinner. We had New York Giant Pizza and it was amazing -_-. I may or may not be addicted to food.....


Tuesday! We spent much of the day at the zoo :).

and mom and I got ice creammmmmmmm.


Monday! Well it was really hard having to go to school with guests still here, but it was alright. I went and got back and we just relaxed at home. Oh and Marie got her ears pierced which was awesome. This is her waiting for the lady to clean the piercing gun and stuff :)


Sunday! Easter! Twas an awesome day. We went to church at 8 and had Mexican food for breakfast at 9:30 XD We also went shopping for a bit and slept. Then Matthew came over after he got off work. All in all it was another awesome but tiring day XD.


Saturday! I spent the morning with dad at Zach's game and then came home and prepared the house for the Kittles who came over :) It was a full but awesome day!

the boys and their "blue steel" pose :p

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Friday! Yesterday I also worked, then came home and hung out before going to the Rock for the Good Friday service which was incredible. After service, Matthew and I got dinner and ate by the water :). Then we went home for a bit and he left shortly after. It was kinda a weird day at first, but it ended so perfectly. This is a squirrel XD.


Thursday! I worked in the morning and thennnnn I went to the Rock church for a bit and then came home. Then went to the Oostra's house and then came home to sleep :)


Wednesday! Umm, Wednesday was pretty good if I remember correctly. I woke up and read for a couple of hours, then showered and got ready and read some more :p. After that, Matthew and mom came home and we enjoyed dinner together. This picture was taken as I was reading in bed before sleep. Bailey was too cute to resist :)


Tuesday! I spent the day at the zoo with Matthew, his brother Zach, Zach's wife Michelle and their baby girl Faith :). It was such a fun day and after that, they came over, with Bear, Jen and Becks for dinner and the babies had some fun finding each other :D. Soooooo cute :)
(Took the pic on mom's camera, I'll get it when she gets back)


Monday! FIRST DAY OF SPRING BREAK. And Olivia got accepted to Hillsdale!!! So we had a family dinner at the Greek Island Restaurant in Seaport Village. Twas awesome.