Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's a beautiful day in Southern California. Rain, rain, rain! But today was a pretty great day. I didn't go to work this morning because the weather was very savage. But I got to have some peaceful time with God and the things shown to me were very beneficial. Today's picture (or pictures, rather) is of me, just how I was today :). It's not often that I go without ANY make-up, but today was one of those days. The first picture is edited and how I usually post pictures and the second is unedited. I'm not sure of the exact reasons why I chose to post this, but I feel it's important, so here you go! :)

Oh but before I go, I wanna leave you with a quote from the book I'm reading - When People Are Big and God Is Small. He says in the first chapter "The most radical treatment for the fear of man is the fear of the Lord. God must be bigger to you than people." I'm working on this principle and I challenge you to do the same! Don't let the fear of people hold you back :).

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